School closure information

Our aim is to keep the school open whenever it is possible to do so. Reduced attendance of any kind impacts on students' learning and progress so it is vital that the school only closes in exceptional circumstances. The school will only close to students if the site is deemed to be unsafe.  The decision to open or close the school does not take into account the journey to and from school as each student has a different journey to make.  It is important that parents/carers satisfy themselves that their child can safely make the journey before they allow them to depart.

We try to make a decision to close as early as possible in order to allow parents/carers time to make alternative arrangements if necessary. Depending on conditions we may inform you of a later start.  If your child arrives before this time they will be supervised upon arrival.

We will alert parents/carers to any closure in a variety of ways:-

  1. We will send a Class Charts announcement
  2. We will post a message under Latest News on the school website
  3. We will post a message on the school Facebook and Twitter pages
  4. We will pass information on to the Local Authority

In the event that the decision is made to close school, parents/carers will be advised of how students can access work at home. 

Thank you for your understanding and continuing support.