GCSE Examination Final Information

From Monday 3rd June, students will move to a study timetable which will mean that they will come into school for all their exams and are welcome to attend the lessons where they still have exams. A small number of students have been spoken to and are on a study timetable and are only to come to school for their exams.

Students are still required to attend form when they have a morning examination but will need to sign in at reception by 1.05pm for afternoon examinations.


The following guidance is to support your child in what can be a difficult and often stressful time. Try to ensure that they: 

  • Eat as healthily as possible.  

  • Stay hydrated.  

  • Sleep well, keeping regular sleep patterns.  

  • Revise often but in short sessions (30 minutes maximum).  

  • Read the questions carefully in the examination.  



It is perfectly normal for your child to feel some level of stress and anxiety during this period. If, however they become very vulnerable and are not coping even after support from yourself, then please let the school know and we will endeavour to provide further support. If this is the case then contact your child’s Progress Leader Mrs Robertson, or Miss Tunley, Assistant Headteacher

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring that your child is as well prepared as they can be for the remainder of their exams. 



JCQ Exam Documents

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The following links can be used to access useful revision resources during Year 10 and Year 11.








Art and Design

  • Lightbox Resources
  • Superprof Resources
  • GCSE Art and Design BBC Bitsesize Resources
  • YouTube to view past student GCSE Art and Design work to gain an insight on the structure of the course, how the course is assessed and for inspiration .
  • Pinterest to gather inspiration and ideas linked to Art and Design 
  • Visit local and national Art galleries and Museum or access their websites and to gain inspiration and knowledge and understanding of Art and Design


Business Studies


Computer Science


Creative iMedia (Cambridge National)








Religious Education


Music (GCSE)






Year 11 Exam and Revision Information

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Year 10 and 11 Key To Success

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