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Year 11 Intervention Timetable 2023-24

This is the timetable for our current Year 11 revision offer. The sessions will be planned according to the needs of the individuals within the group.

It is important to discuss this timetable with your child and consider which sessions will enable them to achieve their full potential. There is extensive, high-quality evidence which demonstrates how revision sessions can improve individual student outcomes and improve a student’s confidence and resilience.

If you would like more information about the Year 11 revision offer or have any questions, please contact your child’s subject teacher.

  Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Form Time Form Intervention Sessions
After School English Science Geography  
Creative iMedia Business RE  
  Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Form Time Form Intervention Sessions
After School Maths History Social Sciences  
NCFE H&F Art/Photography MFL  
  Computing Textiles   


The following links can be used to access useful revision resources during Year 10 and Year 11.








Art and Design

  • Lightbox Resources
  • Superprof Resources
  • GCSE Art and Design BBC Bitsesize Resources
  • YouTube to view past student GCSE Art and Design work to gain an insight on the structure of the course, how the course is assessed and for inspiration .
  • Pinterest to gather inspiration and ideas linked to Art and Design 
  • Visit local and national Art galleries and Museum or access their websites and to gain inspiration and knowledge and understanding of Art and Design


Business Studies


Computer Science


Creative iMedia (Cambridge National)








Religious Education


Music (GCSE)






Year 11 Exam and Revision Information

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Year 10 and 11 Key To Success

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