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7 July 2020

Vernon's Basketball Training Workout: Arms

We have only got a couple of weeks left until the summer holidays and we need to make the most of it. You can use these workouts as something physical to do each week and even have a go at them over the summer holidays. This week’s focus is on your arms (triceps and biceps). Try to push you...

22 June 2020

Vernon's Basketball Workout for National School Sports Week at Home

It’s week 4 of the basketball training workout and this week it is also National School Sport Week. Make sure that you take part in some of Alder’s activities, the ‘Bring Sally Up’ challenge is definitely something to have a go at, although it is definitely a challenge. I ...

19 June 2020

Vernon's Basketball Training Workout: Pectorals

Welcome back! I hope you have been having a go at my earlier workout, if not have a go. I know most of you would prefer to be playing basketball together but for the moment we can’t do this, so I have made these workouts for you to stay fit and healthy, so when we go back, you will be bette...

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