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17 December 2020

Unwrapping Literacy: 16 Before You're 16

An early Christmas present for all our students, brand new books for the 16 Before You're 16 Reading Challenge. All information has been shared with students via Teams. Please encourage your son/daughter to get involved.  

9 October 2020

James' Sensational Summer of Success

The lockdown and all the recent sporting restrictions hasn't stopped year 10 student James from excelling in his athletics career. He has taken part in a number of athletics competitions over the summer, two of them being for English schools. He came first in the 80m hurdles and then wen...

7 July 2020

Vernon's Basketball Training Workout: Arms

We have only got a couple of weeks left until the summer holidays and we need to make the most of it. You can use these workouts as something physical to do each week and even have a go at them over the summer holidays. This week’s focus is on your arms (triceps and biceps). Try to push you...

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