Welcome to Alder Community High School

We are Alder. We are a community and we want all students to thrive in a happy, safe, supportive, yet challenging learning environment. 

At Alder, our vision is to be outstanding in all we do. This includes students pursuing academic success and developing a set of skills which will prepare them for life beyond school. We have an ambitious academic curriculum for all students with hard work expected as standard.

We want our students to be able to form positive relationships, enrich themselves and make a valuable contribution to society. 

'We Are Alder' is central to our positive ethos. Our core Alder values are evident throughout all aspects of our school.

Our Alder values aren’t simply about school – they’re about everyone, everywhere, always. They are not a temporary philosophy linked to school but a set of values to follow for life. ‘We Are Alder’ is how you get a good job or an apprenticeship, how you become a good parent, how you get promoted and how you become a good partner. It’s about success in your whole life, not just your academic life.


Our Values

We encourage our students to live by our values in all that they do.

Altruism – having a genuine and selfless concern for others.

Leadership – inspiring and empowering a community to achieve a shared vision by leading by example.

Diversity – celebrating, accepting and respecting that everyone is different both in school and in our community.

Excellence – striving to achieve your best in all that you do.

Resilience – turning challenges into something positive and never giving up.


Our students will receive the highest quality of teaching and we invest in our staff to realise the vision.  Our staff and their wellbeing are important and without them, our students could not flourish. 

Students are at the centre of everything we do and increasing their life chances is our primary goal.  We want our students to leave Alder as well-rounded human beings, work/college ready and able to take their place in society to contribute, enjoy life and be able to improve their own lives and the lives of others.