Evidence shows that completion of high quality homework tasks has a positive impact on pupils’ learning. On average, a pupil’s progress is improved by 5 months at secondary level (Education Endowment Foundation, August 2021).

Homework enables pupils to undertake independent learning, to practise and consolidate skills learnt in class, conduct in-depth enquiry, prepare for future lessons or revise for assessments.

Some of the benefits of completing homework effectively are listed below:

  • Pupils develop key life skills such as independence and self-discipline. By encouraging routine and the formation of good habits pupils develop productive working practices for continued learning and independent working.
  • Pupils are more likely to retain the information they have learned in the classroom.
  • Parents are provided with a window into their child’s learning. Research shows that children are more likely to be successful if their parents or carers engage in their learning.

In school support:

  • Pupils who wish to complete homework in school may use the library any day after school. The library is open until 3.45pm and is supervised by the school Librarian, Ms Glynn. This is a comfortable, quiet working space where pupils can access a wide range of reading material and laptops if required.
  • Some students needing additional support may be invited to attend the SEN homework club. This takes place every Wednesday, 2.45pm until 3.45pm, and is run by a member of staff from the SEN department. 


Lexia PowerUp

Students enrolled in Lexia Literacy can use the link below to access the programme from home.  If you need a reminder of your username and password, see Ms Glynn in the library.  Sometimes, the programme will ask you for your teacher's email before you start.  If it does, use: m.glynn@alderchs.uk.  Half an hour of Lexia a day will really boost your literacy skills!

Unfortunately, the app will not work on Android touchscreen devices.  It will work on laptops, PCs and Apple devices.  The school library is open from 7:45am and until 3.45pm for anyone who would like to use the laptops here.

Link to Lexia Power Up

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