At Alder Community High School, we offer a wide range of enriching activities within the curriculum and beyond. We offer many extra-curricular activities and clubs, lunch-time clubs, educational trips and visits, careers workshops and volunteer experiences to name a few. We are proud that every faculty offers enrichment experiences. Enrichment at Alder provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their talents and interests, pursue passions for new subjects, investigate potential future careers and provide the opportunity for our students to express our Alder Values.

We have a weekly enrichment bulletin that is shared with the students in form time. In this bulletin we share the school’s newest opportunities, spotlight student success and highlight the important volunteer work we do out in the community. Throughout their time at Alder, our pupils will be offered a wide range of experiences through our educational school trips. Examples of day trips include the art Liverpool trip to the Tate Modern, music trip to the orchestra and the science trip to Chester Zoo. We also offer residential trips such as the Science trip to Geneva to see CERN, the Humanities trip to Rome and to London.

As an inclusive community, we unite to celebrate and learn about important causes such as black history month, pride week, cultural diversity week and remembrance. We also offer our pupils a large range of careers guidance to prepare them for life beyond Alder. We invite inspirational guest speakers from industry and universities, we enrol our students in interactive workshops, attend careers / apprenticeship fairs and university taster days to best inform them about future careers. 

We also provide daily opportunities for study and prayer. Prayer group operates every lunch time to provide our Islamic community an opportunity for prayer and reflection. Our well stocked library ensures our pupils always have a book to read and a comfortable place to learn. We have open access computer rooms available at lunch time as well as supported homework group on a Wednesday evening in our Beacon Centre.


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Alder Roots

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Alder Roots encapsulates the very best of our Alder Values and delivers them to the community through our volunteer work. Over the past two years, Alder Roots has become a recognisable name within the community. We aim to bring what is special about our school and our pupils to our wider community and reshape its perception of young people. Our pupils have had pivotal roles in the leadership and running of community events, fundraising efforts, and outreach with the community at large. Since the inception of the group, we have worked with our community in many ways:

  • Created a free Easter Birdbox hunt for the community to enjoy.
  • Raised funds at the Gee Cross Fete for Hyde Rotary.
  • Worked with various Gee Cross community groups to run seasonal events such as the Christmas light switch on, Christmas tree festival and our in-house Christmas postal service.
  • Raised money at council level to create a “pause for thought” garden at Hyde Chapel.
  • Raised money for Children in Need by running a school community FIFA tournament.
  • Undertaken numerous litter picks to help lessen our climate footprint.
  • Working with Bloom to bridge the gap between our students and our disabled community.

Should any member of the community wish to work with Alder Roots or collaborate on any projects, please contact Ryan Ashton using the following email: