At Alder, we want to ensure that all students develop a love of reading.  

Throughout the curriculum, students are provided with opportunities to read challenging texts related to topics. All students are required to have a reading book in school as part of their basic kit. Form time is used for reading whole class texts as well as monitoring students’ individual reading progress. We also have our wonderful librarian, Ms Glynn, who is available to support students every day.  


Reading support 

We assess all student reading ages using STAR reading tests – an adaptive online test that enables us to identify students who need support.  

Assessment informed reading interventions are put in place to provide a bespoke and targeted school-wide reading and literacy programme. 

We understand that some students may need bespoke reading and literacy support, so we offer a range of interventions to ensure students are able to access the curriculum confidently.  


4 or more years below chronological reading age 

Above chronological reading age 

Lexia PowerUp 

Reading mentor programme 


KS4 Book Club 

Reading mentor programme 



Reading challenges and incentives 

Here, you will find our 16 Before 16 challenge alongside our Graduation list for our readers who have completed our 16 Before 16 challenge. 

Literacy Challenges and Reading Incentives

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Form-time reading 

Once a week at KS3, students read a book during form time. Students are expected to read alongside their form tutor to promote reading widely.  

Here are a few examples that students may have the opportunity to read: 

In Year 7, students may read: Ghost Boys, The Boy in the Tower or When the Sky Falls. 

In Year 8, students may read: I Am Malala, Hound of the Baskervilles, or I Must Betray You. 

In Year 9, students may read: A Study in Scarlet, Murder on the Orient Express, or Lord of the Flies. 


Form-time vocabulary 

Once a week, students will complete a form time task designed to encourage them to decode words using their knowledge of morphology. This half-term, students are exploring the prefix En and have explored the words: 

  • Engender 
  • Entice 
  • Encumber 
  • Endure 
  • Ensue 



At Alder, we are lucky to have a library that is always busy. Our school librarian, Ms Glynn, has created a space where students can: 

  • Use the computers. 

  • Get support with homework. 

  • Use as a quiet space for reading. 

  • Attend D&D club! 


The library offers a diverse range of books for all ages and reading abilities. More information about the library service can be found here.