Progress Leaders will...

  • Offer pastoral support and guidance to a designated year group including tracking rewards, behaviour, and attendance. When issues arise in liaison with parents and appropriate staff, targets for improvement. Progress Leaders will also monitor academic progress of the year group and set appropriate targets for student improvement.
  • Have responsibility for the pastoral support of a Year Group cohort including monitoring and supporting the overall progress and development of all students in the year.
  • Help identify student underachievement, through liaison with relevant staff, to implement and monitor appropriate strategies and actions to address and improve attainment.
  • Lead and support a team of Form Tutors ensuring a consistency of approach to all school pastoral policies and procedures.
  • Identify students in need of support and through the Learning Mentor for the Year cohort develop, implement and monitor their progress.
  • Promote and develop a positive culture and ethos for the Year Group that praises and celebrates student progress, both academic and pastoral.
  • Manage student referrals to the School’s Learning Support Centre, Stage 2 facility and appropriate external agencies.
  • Contribute to the effective transition of students from Primary School and/or to College or other schools to ensure wellbeing.

Progress leaders can be contacted by telephoning the school, but they may not always be available during the school day. It is often easier to contact them by email.