Introduction to Year 10 Work Experience

As part of our Careers Education Advice Information and Guidance at Alder we are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity for all year 10 students to take part in a week of work experience during the summer term.

To help maximising student success in gaining the best work experience possible, we will be working alongside work experience specialists ‘Changing Education’ who have an established database of over 25,000 tried and tested employers on an app called ‘CONNECT’. This variety allows them to ensure that placements match a student’s interests and ambitions providing a worthwhile experience for them with an opportunity to realise their potential. Students will need to download this app which takes them through the process step by staff. Further support will be given with how to do this in the launch assembly, form time tutor support and Personal Development careers lessons to ensure all students are able to access the process.

Initially we will encourage students to find their own placement where possible as it develops good practice for the real world. It shows initiative and gives the employer a good first impression of the student, showcasing the student’s employability skills and personal attributes. If successful, this can in turn lead to good references, employment, a traineeship, apprenticeship or useful networking opportunities for the future. Taking advantage of local contacts through family and friends is advised.  Again, support will be given through Personal Development lessons and form time about how to self-place and the app also provides a bank of resources to support this process.

If students are unsuccessful in finding their own work experience further support will be given. 

If you wish to discuss work experience further please do not hesitate to contact Mr Eaton, Head of Careers at school.

Year 10 Work Experience

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Information about the CONNECT app



Year 10 Work Experience Frequently Asked Questions


When is work experience 2024?

15th - 19th July 15th 2024


How do students find work experience?

They must self-place by approaching employers locally or friends and family and asking. Support on how to do this is given in fortnightly Personal Development curriculum lessons.


What do they do when they have found work experience?

Add the details into the Connect App OR return the paper placement form to Mr Eaton in school. This form has also been given to all students, see Mr Eaton if they need another.


What is the Connect App?

This is a work experience support app created by specialist work experience provider Changing Education who support hundreds of schools throughout the UK. It can be used to help find contact details of all employers who have previously offered work experience locally. It can also be used to submit details about the confirmed placements. To access the app students must use the personal QR code or link that has been emailed to their school email address from Changing Education. See this explainer video above for more information about how to use the app. More information about how to download the App is on the 2nd page of the placement letter above.


What is the deadline for confirming work experience?

As soon as possible. Ideally by the end of March to allow good time for risk assessment to be completed.


What if students can’t find work experience?

Keep trying. Over 400 local employers have placed our students previously so they will find one eventually. More help will also be provided from school.


What if the employer can’t do the dates we need?

Unfortunately the placement must take place during this week.


What if the employer requires the student at the weekend?

In this case ‘days off’ can be taken midweek. 5 days should be completed during the week.


What if the employer can only do less than 5 days?

You will need to find 5 days of work experience. Two employers can be used and the week split between both. Please complete two placement forms in this case.