Careers Advice and Guidance

Mr T Eaton

Head of Careers

Please view the following link for more information about the quality in careers standard award that we hold here at Alder.

For information about statutory guidance towards careers and the Gatsby bench marks please see the following links.

For more information please see Mr Eaton, Head of Careers.

Xello will be used to communicate with students regarding anything career-related. This could include applying for college or an apprenticeship. It also includes work experience or industry-related activities.

Xello has already been a big success at Alder Community High School.

Through using Xello students have found employer encounters, work experience and apprenticeships that support their interests and needs

Students can directly access Xello by clicking this link.

For younger students, Xello will be used to track their career interests. This will enable us to target particular industries or invite interested students to listen to employer talks and participate in work-related activities.

All students can access Xello through their dashboard when logging into the career plan section of the GMACS website found here


With Xello, students will be able to:

  • Personalise your career profile
  • Use the ‘Career Matchmaker Tool’ to help you find your perfect career
  • Create your own ‘Careers Storyboard’
  • Upload your achievements, hobbies, skills, and qualities
  • Explore College, University, and Apprenticeship options
  • Find out how much you can earn
  • Set Goals and create Action Plans.


Careers Programme at Alder

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

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