Welcome to Alder Community High School

At this time of year, we would normally welcome parents and children into school for our induction information evening and our transition days. It is with great sadness that we are unable to offer our usual transition activities this year. This means that the children will not be coming into school before the summer break as we had hoped. 

We still value the process of transition greatly and it is still extremely important to us that our students and parents can learn more about us as a school. Use these videos and documents as a reference point between now and September as your child prepares for high school.  


Meet Your Headteacher, Mr O'Regan


Meet Your Progress Leader, Mrs Hamilton


Meet Your Form Tutor

All children should have received the information about who their form tutor will be. Select the tab for the correct form group to find out more about their form and to meet the form tutor. If you are unsure which form group your child has been allocated to please contact school for confirmation.

This is where you will begin each day with your form tutor. Form Tutors are the main point of contact for any student. Form Tutors will get to know all their students well through discussions with staff and students, communication with parents and will help students to get organised for the day ahead by:

  • Taking the register and following up on any absence;
  • Checking uniform;
  • Checking that students have all of their equipment;
  • Delivering form time activities;
  • Discussing individually with students any rewards/sanctions they may have received in lessons;
  • Guiding and advising students and parents on dealing with day to day issues and concerns;
  • Promoting a positive ethos for their house and fulfilling the expectations set by the house system;
  • Monitoring students on Form Tutor report.

Welcome to 7ABR

Your form tutor is: Miss Brown

Miss Brown teaches geography.

Fun fact about Miss Brown: she has the most amazing nails and changes their design every few weeks.

Welcome to 7AHN

Your form tutor is: Mr Halton

Mr Halton teaches English.

Fun fact about Mr Halton: he likes to run up hills, he climbs over 792 metres a week,  the equivalent of running to the top of Scafell Pike - England's highest mountain.

Welcome to 7JCA

Your form tutor is: Mrs Carter


Mrs Carter teaches engineering and loves to make things.

Fun fact about Mrs Carter: she has a big bouncy labrador called Mylo. 

Welcome to 7JDA

Your form tutor is Miss Darlington

Miss Darlington teaches English and likes to write poetry. 7JDA is her first ever form group - she can't wait to meet you all.

Fun fact about Miss Darlington: she loves to collect earrings and even makes her own!

Welcome to 7MFT

Your form tutor is: Mr Flint

Mr Flint teaches Science and 7MFT is his first ever form group. He can't wait to meet you all.

Fun fact about Mr Flint: he has been black water rafting in New Zealand! Very brave!!

Welcome to 7MLE

Your form tutor is: Mr Lenahan

Mr Lenahan teaches PE and 7MLE is his first first ever form group at Alder.

Fun fact question from Mr Lenahan: I have lived in England for more time than my country of birth. I cannot speak my own language. Where am I from?

Welcome to 7PRA

Your form tutor is: Miss Rayson

Miss Rayson has been a maths teacher at Alder for 15 years. 7PRA will be her 4th form group and she can't wait to meet you. 

Fun fact about Miss Rayson: she grew up in Africa and the Middle East

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