Welcome to Alder Community High School

Hopefully your child is enjoying the last few weeks of primary school and looking forward to making the transition to high school. Our transition team are currently visiting and liaising with primary schools to ensure that your child makes a smooth transition to Alder Community High School.  

Over the next few weeks, we will contact you again to share further information about the school and what to expect when your child becomes a student at Alder.  

Until then, here are some forthcoming events and dates for your diary: 


Tuesday 4th July 2023 - Welcome to Alder, Transition Evening 

Our ‘Welcome to Alder’ Transition Evening is an opportunity for parents and carers to come into school with their child; meet key members of staff; find out more information about what it means to be a student at Alder Community High School and ask any questions you may have about the transition process.   

  • Student surname A-J – arrival at school for 5.20pm, main speeches commence at 5.30pm.  

  • Student surname K-Z – arrival at school for 6.10pm, main speeches commence at 6.20pm.   


Thursday 6th July 2023 – Transition Day 1 

The Transition Day will give your child the opportunity to tour the school, meet their form tutor, meet new friends, and most importantly, make them feel confident about starting with us in September.   

Students should attend the transition day wearing their primary school uniform and arrive at 8:50am, ready for a 9am start.  They can arrive either at the front entrance of school or via the back gate entrance, members of staff will be available to direct children from 8.50am.  Students will be escorted to the main hall where they will sit with their form tutor.   

On the Transition Day, students will meet with their form tutor and form group, have a tour of the relevant sections of the school (including the dining hall) and join in with a number of ‘getting to know you’ activities.  Students will learn about our Alder Values and our Alder House System. They will also be introduced to their Progress Leader, Mrs Paul and other key members of staff.  

There will be a limited lunchtime menu available, which is being provided free of charge to all, or children can bring a packed lunch if they would prefer. 

They will finish the day at 2.30pm. Students can be picked up from the front entrance or the back gate. They can of course, walk home alone with your permission.  If you are collecting your child by car, please bear in mind the parking restrictions in force and the fact that the car park will already be busy. It might be easier to meet children at the back of school near the open ground between Shaw Avenue and Grange Road South. Please ensure that you agree with your child what the arrangements are for the end of the day. 


Tuesday 5th September 2023 – Year 7 start at Alder (Transition Day 2) 

Year 7 students will be in with only one other year group on this date. This will allow them to start their secondary school experience by spending more time with their form tutor, learning about their timetable and attending some of their lessons. This will be a good confidence builder for when the whole school returns on Wednesday 6th September.  


New Student Admission Form

To enable us to ensure we have all the information we require about your child as they become a student at Alder Community High School, please complete the new student admission form on the link below:


Parental Consent and Agreement Information

Term Dates

Transition and Induction Documents




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