In History students are taught key historical skills and knowledge to foster a love and appreciation of past events and how they relate to the world we live in today. To understand how changes have affected the lives of various groups in our society. We aim to focus on the political, social and economic changes from the Roman era to the present day. This ensures that the students have an understanding of today’s world.



We teach in chronological order to help students understand the process of change and continuity.


Key stage 3

The following topics are covered in KS3:


Year 7

  • Expansion, power and everyday lives in Ancient Rome.
  • Medieval England; Battle of Hastings, William I, Medieval monarch’s and their changing power. Medieval lives.
  • Tudor England


Year 8

  • Changing power in the 17th Century.
  • Empire and expansion
  • Industrial Britain
  • The USA from Slavery to civil rights
  • Female Suffrage


Year 9

  • 20th Century, World at War and the inter war years.
  • Revolutions, conflicts and dictators.
  • Events that changed the world
  • Changes in Crime and Punishment 500-present day.


Key Stage 4

At Alder, we complete the Eduqas GCSE. We cover the following topics:


Paper 1:

  • Section A:

The Elizabethan Age, 1558-1603

  • Section B:

Germany in Transition, 1919-1939

Paper 2:

  • Section A:

Development of the USA, 1929-2000

  • Section B:

Changes in Crime and Punishment 500-present day.

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