The Geography Department’s main aim is to provide a programme designed to stimulate curiosity and wonder about the world in which we live, with the main aim being to create responsible Global Citizens. Skills have been embedded throughout the course, both KS3 and KS4, which will enable pupils to engage with the issues the world is facing and preparing them for life after school.


KS3 Curriculum:

The following topics are covered at KS3:

Year 7

  • Fantastic Places, Russia, Weather & Climate, Climate Change, Africa and Coasts.

Year 8

  • Brazil, Development, Rivers & Flooding, Middle East, Wild Weather and Globalisation.

Year 9

  • Tectonics, Plastics, Asia, Population & Migration, Prisoners of Geography and Natural Resources.


KS4 Curriculum:

At Alder, we complete the OCR B Geography for Enquiring Minds Geography GCSE. Within this, there are 3 exams to complete at the end of Year 11. The topics covered are listed below:

Paper 1: Our Natural World

  • Section A:

Topics covered: Global Hazards, Changing Climate, Sustaining Ecosystems and Distinctive Landscapes.

  • Section B:

Physical Geography Fieldwork – Based on a field trip to the River Crowden.


Paper 2: People & Society

  • Section A:

Topics covered: Urban Futures, UK in the 21st Century, Dynamic Development and Resource Reliance.

  • Section B:

Human Geography Fieldwork – Based on a fieldtrip to Salford Quays.


Paper 3: Geographical Exploration

  • This is a decision-making exercise where a geographical issue is studied in detail and a variety of resources are used to decide which is the best course of action. The topic of the exercise will be taken from any of the above topics covered and is completely unseen.

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