Live online lessons, also called Live Events will be scheduled by some curriculum areas through Teams.  These are lessons where students will be invited to participate live with their teachers and complete work as if they are in an actual lesson. To participate students will be sent a link the their school email by their teacher or another member of that department along with instructions of how to participate and a Class Note Book. At the time of the event (as per the timetable) simply click on the link to attend. In addition to the live events there will be some Live Communication slots where teachers will be online and can immediately respond to emails. This doesn’t mean students can’t email them at any other time-it just means they will definitely be online at that time

How do I access the online lessons?

Using a laptop, tablet or smart phone you need to log on to Office365 using your normal school log on.

Go to the Outlook app and find the invite e mail from your teacher. Click on the link within the e mail, and click to join.


Go to the Teams app, and then find the link on the Teams chat for your class. The invite for the live online lesson will show here for you to click to join.

If you are experiencing any technical issues accessing your school account please contact: or telephone 0161 368 5132. 


Will my teacher be able to see me and hear me? Will I be able to see other people in my class?

No, the online lessons are Live Events which means you will be able to hear your teacher and see their presentation but your teacher will not be able to see or hear you. You will also be unable to see, hear or interact the other people who are in the lesson.


Can I ask questions during the live online lesson?

Yes, you will be able to ask questions by typing in the question and answer box. Your teacher will be able to see your question and then answer during the lesson.



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