1. Couch to 5k. 9 week challenge


  1. Yoga with Adrianne 30 day challenge


  1. 30 day work out challenge


  1. Stair climb challenge. 4, 8 or 12 week challenge


  1. 30 day squat challenge


  1. Follow Alder PE on Strava and join the ‘Alder cycling’ or the ‘Alder walk, jog or run’ clubs which will have weekly leagues. Alternatively upload your own activities to Strava and send your screenshots to PE@alderchs.uk


  1. Complete an activity of your choice and upload onto Strava or send information/ screenshots to PE@alderchs.uk (e.g, Joe Wicks HITT workouts, insanity, aerobics)


Click here to log your progress and participation.


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