At this time of year, we would normally welcome parents and children into school for our induction information evening and our transition days. Due to these unprecedented circumstances, we are offering a different transition and induction experience this year. The videos and information on this page should hopefully give you an insight into what to expect in September and answer any questions you may have about what it's like to be a student at Alder Community High School. We will continue to update this page over the coming weeks and months so you should use it as a regular reference point as you help to prepare your child for starting at Alder. 

Depending on government guidance, we are still hoping to hold a formal transition day in September. This will allow students to familiarise themselves with the school building, our school routines and spend time with their form tutor. It will also give them a chance to ask any questions they may have before the timetable starts properly.

Induction Documents

Term Dates

Uniform and Equipment


Mr Heaton, Progess Leader for Year 7

Many of the children will have met Mr Heaton already, either at our Open Evening last year or through the work he does with some of the local primary schools. In Mr Heaton's welcome video he talks about what its like to be a student at Alder. He explains about the high standards and expectations that we have at Alder and how we will support and challenge the children during their time with us. In the video he makes reference to the parent handbook which can be found lower down this page, and also the wider information which is available throughout our website.


Meet the Form Tutors

All children should have received the information about who their form tutor will be. Select the tab for the correct form group to find out more about their form and to meet the form tutor. If you are unsure which form your child has been allocated you should contact school for confirmation.

This is where you will begin each day with your form tutor. Form Tutors are the main point of contact for any student. Form Tutors will get to know all their students well through discussions with staff and students, communication with parents and will help students to get organised for the day ahead by:

  • Taking the register and following up on any absence;
  • Checking uniform;
  • Checking that students have all of their equipment;
  • Delivering form time activities;
  • Discussing individually with students any rewards/sanctions they may have received in lessons;
  • Guiding and advising students and parents on dealing with day to day issues and concerns;
  • Promoting a positive ethos for their house and fulfilling the expectations set by the house system;
  • Monitoring students on Form Tutor report.

Welcome to 7AGR

Your form tutor is: Miss Graham

Your form room base each morning is: F6

Your Alder House is: Crispa

Your house tie will have a purple logo


Welcome to 7AHH

Your form tutor is: Miss Howarth

Your form room base each morning is: F9

Your Alder House is: Nitida

Your house tie will have a white logo


Welcome to 7CGA

Your form tutor is: Mrs Garry

Your form room base each morning is: F8

Your Alder House is: Rubra

Your house tie will have a red logo


Welcome to 7KSM

Your form tutor is: Mrs Smale

Your form room base each morning is: D2

Your Alder House is: Viridis

Your house tie will have a green logo


Welcome to 7LPE

Your form tutor is: Miss Petty

Your form room base each morning is: D3

Your Alder House is: Incana

Your house tie will have a gold logo


Welcome to 7RAS

Your form tutor is: Mr Ashton

Your form room base each morning is: D4

Your Alder House is: Cordata

Your house tie will have a blue logo




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