This Keeping in Touch Protocol is to ensure that students are supported in their academic progress and their pastoral needs in the event of an absence to school due to COVID-19.

Updated 1st February 2021

Following feedback from staff and parents, the ‘Keeping in Touch’ calls will be made on a fortnightly basis. Engagement reports will still be sent on a weekly basis. If you need any additional support from school during this fortnightly period, you can still contact your allocated member of staff or your child’s teachers.

An allocated member of staff for every family

In the event that the whole school is locked down or when students are required to self-isolate, fortnightly meaningful telephone contact will be maintained by the school. Your child will be allocated a member of staff who will be their regular school contact for the whole of the lockdown period. This may be your child’s form tutor, progress leader or another member of staff who will be attached to your child’s year group. Your child’s form tutor and progress leader will still be available to support your child.  

The allocated member of staff may speak to yourself or your child. This will be an opportunity to have a discussion about how your child is getting on with their work, what help they may need and their wellbeing. In the week commencing 11.1.21, your first contact will be an introductory one. All future calls (week commencing 18.1.21) will also include a discussion about their engagement in remote learning.  

Remote Learning Engagement Reports

To report on engagement in remote learning, teaching staff will monitor and report back on a weekly basis. At KS3 this will be for English, Maths and Science and at KS4, it will be for all subjects. A report will be produced and sent to parents each week. This will show your child’s attendance at live lessons and their submission of remote learning tasks. The first data collection will be on Thursday 14th January and the report will be emailed to parents on 15th January. These reports can be discussed as part of your weekly contact where required.  If you child is unwell at home and unable to complete the remote learning, please make your child’s allocated member of staff aware of this.

Home Visits and Additional Support

If the allocated member of staff is unable to make weekly contact with yourself or your child, a home visit may need to be carried out.

We are still here, as a school, to support our students and their families. If you require any assistance or support, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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