Following an increased number of Covid-19 cases in year 9 we now have most of the year group self-isolating.  In consultation with Public Health during a meeting to discuss the outbreak, it has been decided to close the remainder of the year group to prevent any further spread.  Students who have already been advised to self-isolate should continue to do so until the end of their isolation period. Students in 9R, 9O and those in 9Y who returned today are not required to self-isolate but must refrain from mixing with other year 9 students who are currently self-isolating. All students are advised to take a PCR test at one of the local walk in test centres.

Work will be set on TEAMS until the end of the week.  Students in year 9 should not return to school until September (arrangements for their return will follow later this week). 

We understand that this disruption is far from ideal especially as the children will now not return to school this term, but I am sure you appreciate that together, our actions will be in the best interests for the health and safety of the school and wider community.