Success at Tameside athletics 

After a year of lockdown and restrictions with students not being able to take part in competitive sports, it was wonderful that students were able to participate in the Tameside Athletics Championships last Wednesday. 

Not only did our students participate, they excelled by becoming overall winners!  The girls were overall winners and the boys came joint first with West Hill.  More details can be found on the school website.   It is great to see young people out enjoying competitive sport again – well done to everyone; we are very proud of you. 


Criminal behaviour on the Astro turf 

On a more negative note, unfortunately, youths keep breaking into our Astro turf and causing damage.  They are using angle grinders to cut away the railings.  Also, there is a lot of anti-social behaviour with youths leaving litter, refusing to leave when asked and being abusive to the caretaking staff whilst community groups are waiting to come on for sessions they have booked.    

We know some of our students are involved.  Please speak to your child about this and tell them to inform a member of the school staff if they have any information on this.  It is important that we let the police deal with this criminal behaviour and keep our beautiful resource in good condition for our students.  Of course, this is one of our teaching spaces and we mustn’t let it be ruined and therefore prevent the development of our athletes.  


End of term 

We are fast approaching the end of term and we are very busy preparing for next year.  Term ends at 12.15pm on Friday, 16th July.  We hope that all government restrictions will be lifted and that we can return to normal in September.  I will write to you before the end of term to inform you of our plans for September. 

Thank you,

Mr O’Regan