Dear parents and carers,

Please refer to this important letter from Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, Director of Population Health which details the current situation in Tameside and steps that we can all take to ensure the safety of our school and community. 

Tameside Public Health Communications

Re-engaging with Home Testing

Many of our students have been testing on a regular basis and we thank parents and carers for this, but the number of tests being taken has reduced recently. With cases on the increase locally, especially amongst the 11-17 year old age group we are now urging all of our school community to re-engage with testing at home. Watch the video below to make sure you are carrying out the test accurately and report the results to school and NHS Test and Trace. 

All the information needed, including the step by step video, can be found lower down this page.  Please also read the instruction guide provided with the test kit carefully before beginning the test.

  • Testing should be carried out every Sunday and Wednesday evening.
  • Report your results to school as soon as possible afterwards.
  • Positive results should be reported to as soon as possible. This inbox is monitored outside of school hours. If the test is positive you will also need to arrange for a PCR test at a local test centre to confirm the positive result.
  • Please report both positive and negative results to NHS Test and Trace using this link.
  • Negative and void results can be reported to school using this short online form.
  • If the result is VOID another test should be taken.

The test kits contain enough to carry out 7 tests. Further test kits will be available to collect from school as required.

If any students haven’t taken part in the testing so far but would like to take part in home testing please contact school to obtain a home test kit. If there are any queries about the home testing process please do not hesitate to contact school.

Stay safe,

Mr O'Regan


Regular Asymptomatic Testing at Home Documents