Dear Parent/Carer, 

As we approach half term (we break up on Friday, 28th May) there a number of items I would like to bring to your attention: 

Friday, 28th May – Festival of Arts Day 

On Friday, 28th May, we will, along with the rest of the nation be celebrating the sounds and sights of children expressing themselves though the arts.  The idea came from the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) and schools will upload content to Twitter to share and celebrate the arts and generate positivity after such a dismal time during lockdown.  I hope you can ‘follow’ Alder on Twitter to share this experience. 

Training day (Home learning Day) – Monday, 7th June 

As I have previously mentioned, Monday, 7th June will be a training day for staff.  This is to be used to support our year 11 students in ensuring they are treated fairly when awarding Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs).  The processes are complex and there is great pressure on teachers to get this right; quite rightly we should pay due attention to these processes for our students. 

Work will be set on Microsoft TEAMS and students will return to school on Tuesday, 8th June (year 11 will be on study leave). 

Year 11 Leavers 

As we approach half term, I would like to inform you as to what is happening with our year 11 students.  Over this last two weeks there may be some assessments to help support their Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs).   

Study leave  

Year 11 students will finish on Thursday, 27th May for study leave.  Students will not be required to come back to school unless they are needed for any additional evidence for the TAGs.  Results day will be on Thursday, 12th August and I will write to you nearer the time about the arrangements for this day. 

Tameside College and Ashton 6th Form College will be in touch with students soon to enable them to access transition work.  I have also been in touch with the following colleges: Cheadle and Marple, Aquinas College, Xaverian and Loreto to let them know what students have missed owing to lockdown.  

Leavers’ assembly 

On Thursday, 27th May we shall say goodbye to our Year 11 students.  Year 11 will be invited to a Leavers’ Breakfast at 8.30am before attending the traditional Leavers’ Assembly later in the morning.  This will be an enjoyable experience for our students and will no doubt end in lots of tears!  It is tradition to sign each other’s shirts if they so wish.  Students will then be dismissed around 12.00pm. 


Whilst the Covid restrictions prevented us from be able to book the annual Prom, we were able to secure a booking at our usual venue, Smokies, for a party celebration on Wednesday, 7th July.   Year 11 parents and carers will already have received a letter; please could you pay for the ticket as soon as possible.  Obviously, the party will go ahead if Covid restrictions are lifted in time. 

We want to give our year 11 students a really good send off and hope that they will take away many happy memories from their time at Alder. 


After half term we will continue to allow students to wear PE kit on the days they have PE.  Full school uniform should be worn on other days.  However, with the weather being much warmer hoodies will no longer be allowed to be worn under the blazer.  We hope to soon be able to return to using PE changing rooms and lockers.  

Face coverings 

Although the government guidance has changed, please can we remind parents that face coverings are still required on public transport so students travelling on the school bus will still need to bring a mask to school. 

LFD home testing kits 

In the meantime, we are still dealing with restrictions in school and whilst society is slowly opening up, we are still encouraging students to take LFD tests every Wednesday and Sunday night.  Students can collect additional test kits from the school office during form time or during lesson changeover.  

Stay safe. 

Mr R O’Regan