We are working hard to keep our school and local community as safe as possible. Up to one in three people who have COVID-19 can spread the virus without knowing. This is because they have no symptoms. To reduce the spread of the virus, we need to identify those individuals. We can help to do this in schools by carrying out tests at home twice every week, 3-4 days apart.

Our students have been taking part in testing in school. After they have had 3 tests in school under the supervision of trained staff they will be issued with a home testing kit so that they can continue to regularly test at home.

All the information needed, including a step by step video, can be found on the testing page of the website.  Please also read the instruction guide provided with the test kit carefully before beginning the test.

The test kit will contain enough to carry out 3 tests. Further test kits will be available to collect from school as required.

If any students haven’t taken part in the testing so far but would like to take part in home testing please contact school to obtain a home test kit. If there are any queries about the home testing process please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hood at school.


How to carry out the home test


Regular Asymptomatic Testing at Home Documents