Dear Parents/Carers

Only yesterday the government announced changes to the start of the new term as a result of rapidly rising Covid-19 cases and plans for mass testing. It did not tell schools in advance of the public announcement on the BBC.

The government announced the following:

  • schools should take time in the week commencing 4 January to prepare to deliver testing of staff and students;
  • in the week commencing 4 January, secondary schools should only provide on-site education to vulnerable children and children of critical workers, and prioritise remote education to those in exam years;
  • in the week commencing 11 January, secondary schools should provide on-site education to vulnerable children, children of critical workers and those in exam years, and provide remote education to all other students;
  • from 18 January, all students should return to on-site education.


In light of this latest announcement the first week will look as follows:


Monday, 4th January 2021

Training Day for staff – no students in school and no remote learning.


Tuesday, 5th January 2021

All year groups will stay at home and revert to remote learning.  Depending on the year group, there will be a combination of live lessons and work set on Teams.  A full learning plan will be published on Monday, 4th January.  All work will be accessed online through Microsoft Teams.  A video showing how to access Microsoft Teams can be found on the Home Learning page of the school website. If your child is unable to access their work online please contact school for support.


Monday, 11th January 2021

All of Year 11 to return to school. From Monday 11th January until Friday 15th January we will only be providing full-time on-site provision for vulnerable children, the children of critical workers in years 7-10 but providing on-site education for the whole of year 11.


Vulnerable Children and Children of Critical Workers

In line with government guidance, from Tuesday 5th January until Friday 15th January we will only be providing full-time on-site provision for vulnerable children, the children of critical workers (and year 11 from Monday 11th January).  All other children will be accessing their learning remotely from home.

If your child is considered to be vulnerable or if your employment falls into one of the critical worker categories, as detailed in the government guidance. For safeguarding purposes you will need to book a place for your child. Please complete this booking form to ensure a place can be allocated for your child to attend school in person between Tuesday 5th and Friday 15th January 2021. 

Please be aware that children of critical workers and vulnerable children who are attending school in person will be accessing their work online in the same way as those children who are accessing their work online at home. These students will be supervised by support staff.


Monday, 18th January 2021

All students return to school. 

Some year 7 students were due to change teaching group after Christmas, this will be introduced on Monday, 18th January 2021.  They will stay in their existing teaching groups to access Teams.


Mass testing

This is a good idea and will prevent us having to send large numbers of students home when there is a positive case in school.  I fully support mass testing, but it is a mammoth task to set up and is one of the reasons the Government have delayed the return to school.  During the week beginning 4th January 2021 I will be seeking your consent to test your child on a regular basis.  Staff will be tested weekly.  More details will follow next week.

Please keep checking the website for updates but for now here’s wishing you a much happier New Year.  Stay safe.

R O’Regan

Head teacher