On Friday 13th November we will be supporting this amazing charity again this year.  Whilst the recent situation means we cannot run our most successful fundraising activities as a school we are committed to raising as much money as we can in the knowledge that charities and families need help and support more than ever.  We will be running a Grand Raffle, to win a selection of fabulous prizes donated by staff, tickets will be 50p. 

In exchange for a £1 donation, students can attend school in fancy dress or their own clothes. If students are planning to wear their own clothes, they should be appropriate for the school environment. Students shouldn’t wear crop tops, other tops which reveal their midriff or shorts which are excessively short.

Payment can be made in advance on ParentPay. If children are bringing money into school please ensure they have the correct money as change cannot be issued.

Students with PE on Friday

Students can't do PE in leggings, so if they attend school in leggings they'll have to put PE kit over the top.

Any kit for PE must be suitable and appropriate, i.e. not pyjamas, jeans, tights or any other casual wear.

They can wear kit underneath non-uniform so that they can change easily in the sports hall if needed.