Dear parents, carers, staff, students and school community,

Re: COVID-19 Restrictions in Tameside – a preventative message from Tameside Council 

We have been asked by the Council to remind our community of some of the ongoing measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.  

You may be aware that the number of new coronavirus infections across Tameside is continuing to increase.  I know this remains a difficult time for many of you and your children and we have seen disruption to all our lives throughout this situation, including life in school. It is as important as ever to continue to do everything we can to protect ourselves and others from this disease.  

The basic steps to do this remain the same so please do keep remembering to: 

  • Wash hands regularly with soap and running water; 
  • Keep social distancing of at least 2 metres from those outside of your household; 
  • If you or someone you live with develops symptoms of COVID-19 (cough; fever change or loss of smell/taste) everyone in your house (and support bubble) must isolate immediately and the person with symptoms should get tested; 
  • Remain in isolation if you test positive (isolate for 10 days) or if you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive (isolate for 14 days) – this means you and your household must not leave the house at all during this period, even to go to the shops; 
  • Wear a face covering when required and particularly in indoor and more enclosed spaces where social distancing is difficult. 

If you have symptoms isolate immediately and book a test  - or call 119.  


With the high rates of COVID-19 infections in Tameside, it is important to remember that we are currently under additional restrictions to reduce the spread. It is illegal to break these restrictions and there are certain things that you must not do

  • Do not mix indoors with any other households (apart from support bubbles and childcare support bubbles, directly for childcare purposes) – this means you cannot meet with friends or family you do not live with. This includes any gatherings such as birthday parties or sleep-overs. 
  • Do not meet outdoors in groups of more than 6 people – if meeting outdoors with anyone outside your household you must still observe social distancing. 

The police will be able to take action against anyone who breaks these rules, including asking people to disperse and issuing fixed penalty notices starting at £200. 

As well as these rules, we are also advised that we should not socialise with people we do not live with (unless they’re in your support bubble), in any public venue. This includes pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, places of worship, community centres, leisure and entertainment venues, or visitor attractions and parks. 

It is also important to remember not to gather in groups, especially when dropping off and picking up children at school.  

You can find more information at  

The serious situation we are in, and the continued spread of the virus means we must all play our part, now more than ever, to protect our families and the school community. This will help to make sure that we can continue to keep children in school. Following these restrictions and reducing the spread is the fastest way to get them lifted again.   

I would like to thank all our families for your continued support and the steps you are taking to keep our community safe.  

Yours faithfully 


R O’Regan 

Head teacher