It was fantastic to finally meet our new year 7s today as we welcomed them in to school for their Induction Day and their first official day as Alder students. The sports hall was also buzzing all day with years 8 to 11 meeting their form tutor for their individual Academic and Pastoral Review meeting.

The term begins properly for everyone tomorrow (Friday, 4th September). Everything will be a little bit different as we ensure that we can come back to school safely but staff are confident that everyone will soon settle in and get used to the new normal.

Here is a reminder of the start and finish times, year group entrances and temporary form rooms:

Year Group Start Time Entrance Point and Temporary Form Rooms Finish Time
Year 11 8:30am

Side door at the end of the A corridor (Maths and English corridor)

11CCO - A12;  11AHN - A9; 11PRA - A5; 11VLA - A11; 11RYO - A8; 11JCA - A10

Year 10 8:45am

Side door at the end of the A corridor (Maths and English corridor)

10VCA - D10; 10SSI - D11; 10FMC - D12; 10MWA - D9; 10USH - D8; 10KBA - D7

Year 9 8:35am

Side door at the end of B corridor (Art corridor)

9WTA - E2; 9JWA - F10; 9ZMU - E7; 9SRE - E4; 9EEN - E6; 9AEB - E3

Year 8 8:40am

‘Box’ entrance from the main playground

8NPI - B2; 8PPO - C10; 8KOS - B4; 8TLI - B1; 8LCR - B5; 8AHA - B3

Year 7 8:30am

Headway entrance at the front of school

7KSM - D2; 7CGA - F8; 7AGR - F6; 7AHH - F9; 7RAS - D4; 7LPE - D3



Please remember that face coverings will need to be worn in school. More information about the arrangements for the return to school can be found on the back to school page.