We are looking forward to welcoming our new year 7 students into school for their transition day on Thursday 3rd September 2020.   This will give them the opportunity to meet their form tutor, spend time in their form room and find out more about the arrangements for the academic year and our school routines before students from other year groups return on Friday 4th September.


On Thursday 3rd September, the children should arrive at school for 8.45am. They can arrive either at the front entrance of school or via the back gate entrance, members of staff will be available to support and direct children when they arrive. The back gate will be open from 8.20am. If parents are dropping students off at the front of school, they should remain in the car in order to reduce the number of people on the school site.

From 1 September 2020, new advice will apply to the use of face coverings by staff and students in schools and other education institutions that teach students in Years 7 and above in England. This guidance can be found on the Government website. In areas where local restrictions are in place, including Tameside, it will be mandatory for students and staff to wear a face covering in school areas where social distancing is difficult.  

Students must wear a face covering on public transport and on entry to school.   Once they are in their form rooms they can remove the covering and place it in a clean plastic bag.  Students will be instructed throughout the day as to when they need to wear the face covering. 

Face coverings should be a plain colour and be either washable fabric or of the disposable type. Students should bring a small clean plastic bag to store their face covering when not in use.  

Students should attend Alder in full school uniform including their ‘house’ coloured ties which can be purchased from our usual uniform suppliers. Please check the uniform information carefully and if you are in doubt about any shoes or uniform purchases, please check with school prior to purchasing. Students will also need to bring a bag to school which will include their essential equipment (as stated in the parent handbook) plus the preferred equipment of a glue stick, pencil crayons, a pencil sharpener and a pack of tissues. The preferred equipment will help us as a school to reduce cross-contamination in the classroom. Our full uniform and equipment policies are detailed below.

Uniform and Equipment

During the induction day, students will meet with their form tutor and form group, have a tour of the relevant sections of the school (including the dining hall) and join in with a number of ‘getting to know you’ activities.  They will also be introduced to their Progress Leader, Mr Heaton and the SENCo, Mrs Bibby.


The induction day will finish at 2.30pm. Students can be picked up from the front entrance or the back gate. They can of course, walk home alone with your permission.  If parents are collecting by car please bear in mind that the car park will be busy. Again, we ask that parents collecting students remain in their car whilst on the school site. It might be easier to meet children at the back of school near the open ground between Shaw Avenue and Grange Road South. Please ensure that children are aware where their parent/carer will be meeting them to avoid any confusion or worry at the end of the day.


The school buses will be operating at the normal times on Thursday 3rd September. More information about the school buses can be found on the school bus page. Children will be supported by staff to ensure they know where to get on the bus at the end of the day.


We operate a cashless catering system. Please ensure that you have set up an account on ParentPay (your activation letter has been posted to you) and funds have been added so that your child can purchase items from the dining hall for break and lunch. There will be a limited lunchtime menu. Students can bring a packed lunch and a healthy snack for their break time if you would prefer. Students entitled to free school meals will automatically receive a lunch. Information about school meals and what to do if you think you may be entitled to free school meals is available on the school meals page.


On Friday, 4th September school will re-open to all students. Year 7 will start at 8:30am and finish at 2:45pm. This will be their regular start and finish time until further notice. More information about the arrangements for the new academic year are available here.


We know that the children will have an enjoyable first day with us but if parents or carers have any queries about the arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact the school.