Alder Art Fest - Food Tech

Year 10 students in food tech have been making some beautiful bread for our Alder Art Fest!

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Alder Art Fest - English

Some year 9 students have been designing some of their own pieces of the monster from Mary Shelley's book "Frankenstein". In this picture one of these students, Jake, had done an amazing piece of artwork of the monster!

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Alder Art Fest - RE

The year 10s are taking part in the Spirited Arts Nationwide competition for students in RE. The students created some visual masterpieces using the 4 themes of : Where is God?, Healing, Inspiring, God's good earth, and a quote from Jo Cox MP "We have far more in common with each other than that…

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Alder Art Fest - French

Year 8’s are doing the armchair adventures with some professional theatre and music producers to showcase how musical theatre works. The students did a musical warm-up with the pros to see how it’s done. A quote from an interview with Alex said “I Love French, And Learning About Musical Theatre…

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Alder Arts Fest - Hearts and Minds

As part of Alder Arts Fest 2021, year 7 and 8 had a zoom meeting with Hearts and Minds in association with Made By Mortals, which explored their newly launched podcast, 'Armchair Adventures', based on the efforts 15 year old Connie went to, to save her parents' travel agency. The zoom meeting…

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Alder Art Fest - BIOLOGY

Today for Alder's first ever art fest , 10A used microscopes to investigate cells and then draw them out in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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Alder Arts Fest - Geography

This blog post is by Faith, Year 10.

For Alder Arts Fest 2021, year 8 geography were illustrating the effects of climate change on our planet; many students did through the melting of the polar ice caps, which are decreasing the amount of homes for animals such as penguins and polar bears.…

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Alder Art Fest - ICT and Computing

This blog post is by Josh, Year 10

During period 1 in ICT and Computing, the year 8s have been using Adobe Firework to develop skills on creating a website. At the moment, they have been making very creative banners. After half-term, the year 8s will have the ability to create and publish a…

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Unwrapping Literacy: 16 Before You're 16

An early Christmas present for all our students, brand new books for the 16 Before You're 16 Reading Challenge. All information has been shared with students via Teams. Please encourage your son/daughter to get involved.


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Cultural Diversity and Literacy

Watch the video in this article for information about the Black Lives Matter movement:

Read through these speeches that have been made over the past couple of weeks in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign…

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Alder Online Book Club: War Horse

We are excited to announce the first online Alder Community High School Book Club!

Join the English department in reading War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo.

Narrated from an unusual perspective, Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse tells a powerful story of humanity and friendship that…

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What we are reading!

Mrs Vella is reading The Prison Doctor by Dr Amanda Brown

I have read so many books whilst we have been isolated. It usually takes me ages to finish one, however I am going through them so quickly as my mind seems far more focused than normal. Maybe this is due to the lack of hustle and bustle…

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