A blog post by Poppy and Kate, Year 10

Friday, May 28th 2021 was the first Alder Art Fest at Alder Community High School. All day students performed and attended multiple workshops and shows. The students have worked hard to perfect their performances and it definitely paid off. 

The day started with a hilarious yet skilled drama show containing many GSCE drama students and Mrs Osbourne who spectacularly took part in the play in such short notice. Mrs Crawford states, “that’s the life of a teacher you never know what’s going to happen!”

Next came many talented musicians from year 10 and 11. There were many gifted pianists and singers, who performed songs from musicals to Einaudi, they had it all.

There was also smiles all round when the year 7s got involved in zoom calls with the armchair adventures- planning different ideas, made everyone’s day. 

To finish the day off there was workshops like gospel singing and the crinkly crew. Some of the year 10 singers were very lucky to be trained by a talented gospel singer, who blew us all away (especially Miss Graham).

Then next when you didn’t think it could get any better the crinkly crew (hearts and minds elderly drama group) surprised us with a visit to catch up with all the year 10s they met before lockdown. It was a lovely experience and we hope to see them all again soon. This was all thanks to the CEA department at Alder for planning such a spectacular day. Thank you! 

By Poppy and Kate