Uniform and Equipment Policy

Alder Community High School Uniform and Equipment Policy 2017/18
Our uniform is an essential part of our identity. It instils a sense of pride and belonging in our school and signals a readiness to be part of our learning community. It is school policy that uniform is worn at all times during the school day and for all out of hours school events. Uniform should be worn correctly to and from school as the impression our students give in the community is of extreme importance.




Black blazer with school badge.


Smart, plain black tailored school trousers.
Stretchy, shiny materials, hipster style, leggings and skinny leg trousers and other types of similar fashion trousers are not allowed.

Smart, plain black school skirt. Skirts should be of appropriate material, style and length, close to the knee and with no splits.


Plain white, long or short sleeved school shirt/blouse. This must be tucked in.


Clip on school tie. Green and yellow striped in years 7, 8 and 9.
Plain green in years 10 and 11.

Jumper (optional)

Plain black V neck jumper to be worn underneath the blazer.


Plain black shoes of an appropriate style, below the ankle bone with low heels and with no contrasting coloured stripes, stitching, laces, flashes, glitter etc.
Trainers and pumps are not allowed under any circumstances.
Crossover type shoes designed to look like trainers are not allowed.


Plain dark or white socks (not patterned or coloured) or black tights.

PE kit

Year 7-8: Black breathable sports top with school logo
Year 9 – 11: Black breathable sports top with school logo or existing white polo shirt with school logo (white polo shirt is being phased out).
Black shorts with school logo.
Black hooded PE top with school logo.
Black PE track pants with school logo (optional but recommended).
Running trainers (not pumps or fashion trainers).
Black or white sports socks.
Black waterproof jacket (optional).

Outdoor wear

Coats, scarves and gloves etc. must be removed within the school building and stored in a locker**.


A black pen, a red pen, a pencil an eraser and ruler (stationery items can be purchased from reception) in a pencil case in a strong, waterproof school bag.
A reading book.


Only a wrist watch and one pair of small silver or gold, studded earrings worn in the ear lobes are allowed.  No tongue/facial piercings, ear spacers, stretchers or tunnels. Earrings MUST be removed for PE, it is not acceptable for newly pierced ears to just be covered by plasters.

Make up*

Year 7, 8 & 9 – None. Year 10 and 11 – a discreet layer of foundation if necessary


Nail varnish and/or false nails are not allowed. Natural nails should be of an appropriate length.

Hair style*

No extreme hair styles, such as shaved, shaved patterns, ‘skinhead’, ‘mohican’etc.  Longer hair should be tied back for practical lessons, with a plain hairband.

Hair colour*

Hair should be of a natural colour.  Any changes in hair colour should be subtle and natural.  ‘Dipping’ is not allowed.


Real or fake tattoos are not allowed.

Mobile phones, smart watches, other digital technology and earphones

These items must not be brought in school.  If seen, the item will be confiscated and must be collected by parents/carers. School reception is open from
7.30am – 4.30pm for parents to collect confiscated items. If parents/carers are unable to collect the item, it will be returned to the student the following Monday after school.

Items of uniform should be hard wearing.  Please stick to our guidelines and beware of ‘back to school’ sections in some retailers trying to sell inappropriate clothing to parents.

Please ensure that all items of uniform and PE kit have your child’s name inside.

*Parents/carers are advised to consult with a Progress Leader if they are considering allowing their son or daughter to have a change in appearance or item of dress which may conflict with the school policy.

** Lockers are available at a charge of £5 which is non-refundable. 


The Headteacher will be the arbiter in all matters relating to uniform and appearance.  Any student arriving at school out of uniform; in unsuitable uniform; wearing inappropriate jewellery or with an unsuitable hair style or hair colour, may spend time in internal isolation (Stage2) and in all cases will have a 30 minute detention at the end of the school day.

Students who do not have the correct equipment for their lessons will have a 30 minute detention at the end of the school day.


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