The A+ Trust


The A+ Trust is an educational trust between Ashton Sixth Form College and six schools in the Tameside area. The Trust is working together to raise attainment, aspiration and achievement in Tameside and will reflect the vision and ethos of all members.

In an area of east Manchester where achievement rates and levels of success are relatively low, whilst socio economic deprivation is high, we wish to develop an aspirational culture amongst our young people and their communities.


The Trust members are:

  • Alder Community High School
  • Ashton Sixth Form College
  • Astley Sports College
  • Cromwell Special School
  • Denton Community College
  • Longdendale High School
  • Mossley Hollins High School

All institutions share a moral and educational vision that is fundamental to the Trust and the challenge in driving achievement and aspiration upwards.

The institutions that are part of the Trust will work collaboratively in order to pull together individual strengths and best practice and share a strategic vision.


To work together to support one another in our endeavour to provide the very best possible educational experience for our young people.


The A+ Trust is committed to providing excellent opportunities for the young people and the wider community of Tameside.

Members will:

  • Work collaboratively and co-operatively
  • Meet the needs of the individual and support our most vulnerable learners
  • Share expertise and best practice
  • Establish a partnership of trust, integrity and a commitment to excellence
  • Share a belief that education is inclusive and is led by educators
  • Be mutually supportive and outward facing

Our Values

As school and college leaders, we are committed to raising standards and providing the best possible deal for our young people and the raising of standards. We believe that education leaders are the best people to meet this challenge and achieve the vision in which we all believe. Collective moral purpose and a commitment to excellence underline our approach.

  • We value each other and wish to establish a partnership of trust, integrity and a commitment to excellence in all institutions.
  • Our Trust’s focus is education and we believe that it is important that education is led by educators.
  • We have a holistic view of education; our Trust involves a special school, secondary schools and a sixth form college. Members also have close links with primary schools and Higher Education institutions. We are both mutually supportive and outward facing.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Develop Leadership at all levels
  2. Use data, targets and monitoring systems to accelerate quality improvement and achieve outstanding outcomes
  3. Develop highly competent staff who are committed to whole school and school-to-school improvement

Further information regarding the A+ Trust is available from the website