Prior to half term Miss Brunt’s assembly related to the lack of water or the lack of clean water in some areas of the world.  She set the school the task of raising £300.00 in two weeks by everyone donating 41p so as to build a well in Alder’s name in Nepal.  £500.00 was raised!  £300.00 has been given to Water Aid and our well’s construction has begun and should be completed within 6 months.  The students decided the remaining £200.00 should be spent on water purification tablets and water hygiene kits; 4 kits have been purchased along with 25,000 purification tablets.
The students and staff were very generous and many donated way in excess of 41p; one group of Year 8 girls raised extra money by selling smoothies at the weekend and two students donated their birthday money!
Many thanks to all who helped.