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At Alder we aim to promote and foster a ‘Sport for All’ inclusive ethos towards Physical Education and school sport where all sporting achievements are widely acknowledged and celebrated. As a department we are firm believers that all of our students should receive positive yet challenging learning experiences where they can achieve a PE/Sports related qualification appropriate to their needs and learning ability. We encourage and strive to achieve high levels of participation in a wide range of sporting roles, for example as a performer, coach/leader or official whether this is during curriculum time or through the extensive extra-curricular programme we offer.

The PE department works hard to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, providing students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to continue with an active and healthy lifestyle after leaving school either through recreational physical activity or by continuing with competitive sport.

Physical Education is proven to improve self confidence, self discipline, concentration and it also encourages the development of leadership and team work skills. It also leads young people into healthier lifestyles. There is increasing evidence that high quality PE and school sport leads to higher attendance, behaviour and attitudes towards learning. Therefore, we believe that PE at Alder Community High School contributes in raising whole school standards.

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Students at Alder have access to fantastic PE facilities. Our indoor facilities consist of a large sports hall of six Badminton courts, a dance studio and a fitness suite. Our outdoor facilities are equally impressive, including; a field accommodating a soccer pitch and athletics track, a full size Astroturf and four hard courts suitable for Netball, Tennis and Basketball. Students have two rooms changing and in addition, two disabled changing areas.

Due to our ICT specialism, both the fitness suite and dance studio are fitted with interactive whiteboards whilst the students have access to video cameras and laptops to aid performance analysis in lessons.

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The P.E. kit at Alder consists of an indoor kit and an outdoor kit. The indoor kit comprises a white polo T-Shirt, black shorts and gold football socks.

The Outdoor kit comprises of a Green Rugby shirt, Black tracksuit trousers and gold football socks. Students may also wear a plain black hooded jumpers, team hooded jumpers, round-necked black jumpers or Nike Waterproof jacket with the school logo. All P.E. kit items can be purchased from JFC sports in Hyde. Students are allowed to wear blades on the astro-turf but screw-in studs are only allowed on the school field. Students are still expected to bring P.E. kit in for lessons, unless injury prevents this, as they will still be able to take part in the lesson in some form.

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At the end of the year, the PE Department celebrate the achievements of our students by holding an Awards Evening. Awards are given for a wide range of sports in the following categories; Most Valuable Player, Outstanding Contribution to Sport, Most Extra-Curricular Attendance, Leader of the Year, Disability Performer of the Year, Sports Personality of the Year, Team of the Year and the Dance Council Awards. Previous winners of the awards can be found here.

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At Key Stage Three, all students take part in two, one hour lessons per week.

In Year seven and Year eight, students study in six-week activity blocks and in Year nine, eight-week activity blocks. In Year Seven, classes are taught in mixed ability, whilst in Year eight and nine, where possible, classes are taught in ability sets. The range of activities are as follows:

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9









Health Related Exercise









Young Leaders Award

Health Related Exercise






Health Related Exercise


Net/wall games

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At Key Stage Four, all students take part in three, one hour lessons per fortnight.

In Year ten, all students have the opportunity to study Entry Level P.E., however, some students will be given the opportunity to study a Level One Leadership Award in Sport or Dance. In Year eleven, students take part in a range of activities and sports to increase physical activity levels.


Students are assessed in four practical activities in Games and Trampolining.

Students also complete a ‘Personal Exercise Programme’ and an ‘Analysis of Performance’ on one of their chosen activities.

All of the marks are added together and students will be awarded an Entry Level Certificate 1, 2 or 3 (the highest grade).


In Year ten, students that have previously demonstrated high levels of effort and a positive attitude in lessons are given the opportunity to study for a nationally accredited leadership award instead of studying the Entry Level course.

The Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership is divided into six units of work. Students must complete all SIX units in order to qualify. The units to be delivered are as follows:

  • Unit 1 – Plan, lead and review a sport/activity
  • Unit 2 – Developing leadership skills
  • Unit 3 – Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Unit 4 – Fair play in sport
  • Unit 5 – The role of the official
  • Unit 6 – Opportunities in sport and recreation


The Level 1 Award in Dance Leadership is divided into six units of work. Students must complete all SIX units in order to qualify.

  • Unit 1 – Plan, lead and review a sport/activity
  • Unit 2 – Developing leadership skills
  • Unit 3 – Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Unit 4 – The relationship of music and dance
  • Unit 5 – Use a stimulus to create a piece of dance
  • Unit 6 – Opportunities in dance


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At Key Stage Four, students can choose to study GCSE P.E., BTEC Sport or BTEC Dance in addition to the compulsory lessons.

Students take part in three practical lessons and two theory lessons per fortnight.


This course is broken down into theory and practical work, consisting of five lessons per fortnight.

Over two years, students study two theory and two practical units. The two theory units are worth 40% of the final grade and the two practical units are worth 60% of the final grade. 10% of the practical unit is assessed through two pieces of controlled assessment coursework tasks.

In Year ten, students will study one practical and one theory unit:

  • Theory Unit 1 (20%)

    An introduction to Physical Education ( fitness, skill, lifestyle factors, training and participation).

  • Practical Unit 1 (25%)

    Students participate in a range of activities and are assessed internally as a performer, official or coach. The two best marks are submitted towards the final grade.

  • ‘Analysing Lifestyle’ Controlled Assessment (5%)

    Students have four hours to research the lifestyle of a subject and then two hours under test conditions to analyse the lifestyle of that subject.


In Year eleven, students will study one practical and one theory unit:

  • Theory Unit 2 (20%)

    Developing Knowledge in Physical Education (feedback. Target setting, the human body, effects of training, safety in sport).

  • Practical Unit 2 (25%)

    Students participate in a range of activities and are assessed internally as a performer, official or coach. The two best marks are submitted towards the final grade (these cannot be the same as those submitted in year ten).

  • ‘Analysing Lifestyle’ Controlled Assessment (5%)

    Students have four hours to research the performance of a subject and then two hours under test conditions to analyse the lifestyle of that subject.

Both theory units are examined at the end of the course in Year 11.



Students also have the choice to study the BTEC First Award in Sport is a qualification that prepares students with a range of skills, techniques and personal qualities essential for success in working life in sport. Assessment is ongoing throughout the course in a variety of ways, for example; project work, interviews, presentations and practical performances however there is now an online assessment whcih is the only assessment task for the unit. Students must all assessments to pass a unit and they must pass all four units to complete the qualification.

Students will study four units which are likely to be:

  1. Health and fitness -online assessment.
  2. Practical performance: performance, rules, officiating and analysing performance


Plus two other units from:

  1. The Mind and Sports Performance
  2. The Sports Performer in Action
  3. Training for Personal Fitness
  4. Leading Sports Activities

Students should:

  • have a genuine interest and participate in sport regularly
  • be 100% committed to the course as they will be continually assessed
  • be prepared to complete a variety of assessment activities on a regular basis
  • have excellent attendance as they cannot afford to miss an assessment
  • be prepared to develop their communication skills as this is a key part of any BTEC



Students study prime skills, techniques and creative aspects of the art of the dancer and experience what it would be like to train and perform as a professional dancer. The majority of the course is practical where students will learn and perform a wide variety of different dance styles. Theoretically, students will evaluate some of their performances.

Students will study three units and all units are approached vocationally to encourage an awareness that behind each unit lies a job role practised by a professional. The three units are:

  • Core unit: Individual Showcase -External assessment 25%
  • Core unit: Preparation, Performance and Production -Internal assessment 25%
  • Specialist Dance skills unit -Internal assessment 50%

Assessment activities include:

  • Writing a letter of application
  • How to prepare audition pieces or presentations that demonstrate your relevant skills and knowledge
  • Preparing and participating in a live performance/School Dance Show
  • Demonstration of performance or production skills and techniques in a performance
  • Identifying strengths/areas for improvement in preparation for the performance of dance work to an audience.


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At Alder, we run many Inter-form and Inter-house competitions throughout the year. This is to encourage as many students as possible to experience competition in school. The fixtures and results from all competitions can be found in the resources section of this page. 99% of our students take part in intra-school competition (Source: PESSYP Survey, June 2010)

Our ethos at Alder is to enter teams into as many competitions as possible. We have considerable success at Alder, which can be seen on our Roll Of Honour in the resources section. We have an excellent reputation in Tameside for competition and we are now regularly competing in Greater Manchester competitions and some national events.

A calendar for Tameside competitions can also be found in our resources section. In 2009-2010, 50% of our students represented school in one of the following sports teams that we run annually. (Source: PESSYP Survey, June 2010).

Boys Football (all years)
Boys Football ‘B-Team (all years)
Girls Football (U12, U14 & U16)
Boys Basketball (all years)
Girls Basketball (KS3)
Boys and Girls Cross-Country (U12, U14 & U16)
Boys and Girls Badminton (KS3 & KS4)
Boys Table Tennis (KS3 & KS4)
Netball (all years)
Boys and Girls Dodgeball (KS3 & KS4)
Boys and Girls Volleyball (KS3 & KS4)
Boys and Girls Hockey (KS3 & KS4)
Rugby League (all years)
Rugby Union (all years)
Boys Cricket (all years)
Boys Indoor Cricket (U13)
Girls Indoor Cricket (U13)
Boys and Girls Orienteering (KS3)
Boys and Girls Tennis (KS3)
Girls Rounders (all years)
Boys and Girls Indoor Athletics (Year 7, 8 & 9)
Boys and Girls Quadkids Athletics (Year 7)
Boys and Girls Athletics (Year 7/ 8 & 9/10)
Boys Softball (U15)

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The P.E. Department run a range of programmes, strategies and activities, including extra-curricular lunch time and after school clubs, for students of all abilities, to help students improve both their attainment and performance levels. The extra-curricular timetable is updated every half term, allowing a greater range of activities throughout the year.


Where possible, we try to get external sports coaches to assist with extra-curricular practices to further develop the attainment of students that have been identified as Gifted and Talented in Physical Education. We have an extensive policy and identification process that allows us to provide opportunities for more of our students. Level 1 students are those who are identified as being exceptional in one particular sporting activity, whilst level 2 students are those who are identified as exceptional in a range of activities, meaning that we have identified them as Gifted and Talented in P.E. as a subject.

In addition, all students who require additional support have full access to the curriculum in lessons and also to competition through the Active8 sessions with the Tameside Sports Partnership. Students with disabilities may also be identified as Gifted and Talented and there is a talent pathway into elite competition through the Active8 sessions.


We place a huge emphasis in lessons and during extra-curricular clubs on leadership and volunteering. This encourages students to develop responsibility and organisation. In Year eight, our students complete the ‘Young Leaders Award’ and in Year ten, students have the opportunity to complete the Level 1Leaders Award in either Sports or Dance.

Students have the opportunity to practise their leadership and volunteering during Inter-form, Inter-house and school matches. Last year, 37% of students took the opportunity to lead in Physical Education in some capacity (Source: PESSYP Survey, June 2010).

Here at Alder, we also have strong links with four local feeder primary schools where our students help to deliver sessions.

At Alder we also have two ‘Adistar’ Young Ambassadors and a Sports Council that help to develop the provision within the P.E. Department and they are also at the heart of fundraising efforts for The Christie Hospital, Sport Relief and Comic Relief.

Where possible, we also support coaching pathways for talented leaders by facilitating nationally accredited qualifications such as the Basketball Foundation Award, Football and Basketball Level one Refereeing and Netball Umpiring awards.


Our Sports council at Alder is led by year 11 GCSE PE students; Rose Armitage and Jack Shanks. As a group, they take on a number of roles within school including: organising sporting activities in order to raise money for charities, producing posters for events, assisting with extra-curricular practices, providing information to forms and teams about forthcoming competitions and refereeing or umpiring inter-form and inter-house competitions. Two of our year 10 members of the sports council; Tom Lindsay and Jessica Maden will also be taking a lead in setting up and running an after school mixed sport club in the summer term for our younger pupils to attend. Thomas Partridge in Year 9 is currently the Lead Coach of Alder’s Change4Life Table Tennis Club.

Sports council 2010-2011


Over the past six years, as part of the Tameside Sports Partnership, the P.E. Department have forged strong links with four local feeder primary schools. Currently we are linked with; Gee Cross Holy Trinity, St. George’s, Dowson and Pinfold Primary Schools.

Currently we:

  • Increase participation, and opportunities for leadership and competition for all primary students.
  • Deliver six cluster festivals per year, using Year 10 sports leaders in a range of activities.
  • Identify talent through the ‘Skillstars’ talent programme.
  • Deliver Multi-skills clubs.
  • Support with staff development and help to develop policies in P.E.
  • Develop links with local community clubs.
  • Assist with the transition of students from primary to secondary school.


We have also developed strong links with local sports clubs in the local community. This means that we can share staff and resources to help support the development and provision in both school and the clubs.

  • Hyde Cricket Club
  • Mottram Cricket Club, through the Chance to Shine scheme
  • Tameside Hawks Hockey Club
  • East Cheshire Harriers and Tameside Athletics Club
  • Tameside Trouncers Basketball Club
  • Reddish Rebels Basketball Club
  • Table Tennis Change4Life Club
  • Hattersley F.C.
  • North East Manchester Hawks Handball club