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The department has three full time specialist linguists who all teach both French and Spanish across Key Stages 3 and 4.
Students at Alder have access to the following amount of learning hours.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10 & 11

4 lessons per fortnight

6 lessons per fortnight

6 lessons per fortnight

5 lessons per fortnight

Key Stage 3

Currently, all students study either French or Spanish throughout Key Stage 3.

At the end of Key stage 3, students choose which language they wish to study at GCSE level, and some students study both French and Spanish.

MFL Monsters

Key Stage 4

Students at Alder are examined by the AQA Board, where students are assessed on their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


Topics Covered in Year 10


Half Term 1

Relationships & Choices


Half Term 2


Speaking Controlled Assessment 1

Half Term 3

Home & Local Area


Half Term 4

Local Environment

Writing Controlled Assessment 1

Half Term 5

Education & Future Plans


Half Term 6

Work & Future Plans

Speaking Controlled Assessment 2


Topics Covered in Year 11


Half Term 1


Writing Controlled Assessment 2

Half Term 2

Lifestyle & Health

Listening Mock Exam
Reading Mock Exam

Half Term 3

Environment & Global Issues


Half Term 4

Listening & Reading Exam Preparation


Half Term 5

Listening & Reading Exam Preparation

Listening GCSE Exam
Reading GCSE Exam


Extra-curricular activities

The department run a variety of after school intervention sessions for Year 10 and Year 11 students to increase the achievement of our GCSE students.

We have a dedicated group of Key Stage 4 Language Leaders that run a lunchtime club to support the learning of others with speaking practice, assisting students with responses to marking feedback and by helping with homework activities.

Donde vas de vacaciones?


Every fortnight, a Linguist of the Month is nominated from each class and also students that make exceptional progress or have shown determination to succeed are nominated for Subject Badges on a termly basis.

We have organised trips to Café Rouge and La Tasca restaurants in Manchester so that pupils can experience French and Spanish cuisine. We have also taken a Key Stage 4 trip to the Paris Christmas Markets, something we hope to do again in the future.

World Map


The department has its own trolley of lap tops, and pupils have regular access to ICT in modern languages. We use a lot of web-sites and ICT software to complement the study of languages, and pupils enjoy the use of the interactive white boards which are in every classroom.

One of our favourite on-line resources is "Linguascope" for key stage 3 and "GCSE Bitesize" in key stage 4 to help pupils revise for their exams and improve their grades.

Useful websites to Support Home Learning

Spanish verb conjugator

French verb conjugator

Online French and Spanish Dictionary

AQA Website (French)
AQA Website (Spanish)

Pupils log on to access & practise both foundation and higher tier past papers – available in Reading and Listening.  Mark schemes can be used to self-assess.

(ask your teacher for login details). 

 It generates a gap-fill for the paragraph with all the words missing and you need to put them back in the right place! Look in the linguastars (intermediate) section for dialogues and texts to challenge you, or linguascope (beginner) for basic vocab items.

Text to Speech 

You can type text into the box, select the language you would like, then click “say it”. The text below will be highlighted karaoke-style word by word as it is read out. This speaks with a very good accent and you can change the speed it reads at - use it to help you crack your pronunciation! 

Memorise Now

Paste paragraphs of text in and label them with the title of the paragraph (item name). Use the arrow buttons above to reveal/conceal more or less words. Hover over the blanks to see the first letter of the missing word. Select the ‘letters’ tab to just see the first word of each word


French GCSE revision

Languages Online 

Select Spanish/French on the left hand toolbar and explore the topics available

Cue Prompter

Paste in paragraphs and read them through from an autocue


Create a mindmap with pictures / keywords / colour coding to help you once you have started practicing your paragraph. Use it to jog your memory and help you when you get stuck.

Task Magic

Download the home-use only version of Task Magic here to play and practice with text games


Create your own vocab list to learn (import words from excel or by typing them into the website directly). Useful for inputting whole CA text to familiarise yourself or topic-related words for learning and revision purposes. The site tests you in a variety of different ways. Useful for spelling, meaning and pronunciation. There is also an app to download!


Create games using words or phrases to help you practice, review, revise, memorise vocabulary

Study Sack

Create wordlists then test yourself with flashcards or games that are generated for you


Create flashcards with words/short phrases on. Download the app and practice wherever you go!