I am Mrs G Vali and I would like to give you a very warm welcome to The Drama Department at Alder. Drama is at the heart of the Creative Arts Curriculum and naturally, we have links with The English Department.

At Key Stage 3, students study a variety of themes which are often cross curricular with PHSE.

Year 7 will study:

Small Fish Big Pond

Silent Movies

Dry Gulch Saloon

Magical Key

Darkwood Manor

Recycling Puppets/performance

Year 8 will study:

Turning Blind Eyes

Rosa Parks

Samba Project

Eyam Plague


The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty


Year 9 will study:


Anti-social behaviour





In Year 7, students start with a transition unit called ‘Big Fish Small Pond,’ then students produce work on The Wild West, bullying, and end the year by producing the script for a puppet show. This is a cross curricular project where the actual puppets are made in Art lessons and the soundtrack is produced in Music. By the end of Year 7, students will have learned and perfected the following skills: freeze frames, split screen, considering bodily gestures and facial expressions, scripted work, physical theatre and choral speaking with singing and dancing.

In Year 8, students develop and build upon work done in Year 7. Students develop their work on bullying and develop their independent learning skills in the Autumn Term. They then learn how to perfect voice collages when working on the life of Rosa Parks and start writing monologues about the local Eyam Plague, to name but a few.

In Year 9, students are taught to work at GCSE standard, to prepare those who opt for the subject in Year 10. Lots of students opt for Drama GCSE; Mrs Vali currently has 2 Year 11 classes and a full Year 10 class! Students will prepare for GCSE by producing a Theatre In Education piece on Joyriding and will consider symbolism in The Hillsborough Disaster.

At GCSE, over the 2 year course, students will produce a Theatre In Education piece, and Mrs Vali usually invites feeder students from Dowson Primary School to watch and participate. Students will study various plays, including ‘Blood Brothers.’

On 1 October 2013, Year 11 students went to Hyde Theatre to watch an adaptation of Strindberg’s ‘Miss Julie.’ We returned to the theatre the following day to do a workshop with the actors. Feedback from the director and actors was extremely positive.


These are photos of Year 10 GCSE students demonstrating how to achieve the top band at GCSE. The girls are showing originality of character, the boys are showing are showing gesture and precise facial expressions.