Year Seven -(Photos - Tie Studies, 3D Oil Pastel shapes)

The students have learnt new skills and knowledge to develop their experience of Art from KS2 by engaging in a range of techniques and skill activities.  The work exhibited shows examples of observational pencil tie studies and oil pastel studies showing how to make shapes look 3 dimensional.

Year Eight -Carnival

Students researched, observed and recorded insect imagery using a variety of media.  This progressed onto students researching South American carnival imagery.
The students then designed a mask or headdress using their insect / carnival imagery together with imagination to inspire their ideas.  The work shown also contributed to a collaborative project with music and drama.


Year Nine -1960s

Students have gathered and recorded research based on the 1960’s looking at various pop and op artists. They are currently completing their own Warhol self portraits and will then progress to design their op art patterns.

Year 10 -Layers

Students have taken inspiration from artist Michael Brennand-Wood. Students were encouraged to think carefully about colour, layer, conventional and unconventional materials to manipulate to create their own Brennand-Wood style frames/structures. The students are currently working on abstractions from frames using a variety of materials and techniques.